The food of the future and probably the world’s most nutritious food

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The Mǽr Story

Maér is an old Norse word meaning the untouched. Seaweed hides in the depths, unspoilt. Pure. This remarkable delicacy is probably the world’s most nutritious food. The food of the future.

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  • Seaweed Salt

    Natural 90g
  • Seaweed Sea Salt

  • Seaweed Spice Mediterranean

    Mediterranean 70g
  • Shrimps

    Pimp you shrimp with Mær Sea Salt and get more out of this tiny, yet tasty crustaceans.

  • Sweet potato fries

    Date night and you want to impress? Try sweet potato fries with Mær Sea Salt. Your date will stick around forever.

  • Brownie

    Brownies is a super delicious, sweet favourite in every corner of the world. We feel that by adding Mǽr Sea Salt to your brownies, you turn it up a notch and will achieve a sensational combination of sweet and savory.

  • Pizza

    Be playful and creative with your ingredients and add Mær Mediterranean for a tasty result. Saturday is the most popular night to eat pizza, but did you know that pizza can be eaten on Wednesdays as well?

  • Pasta

    The average Italian eats 60 pounds of pasta per year. That number could easily be doubled after trying pasta with Mær Mediterranean. Just boil, fry or bake your pasta as usual and add Mær on top of it.

  • Sandwich

    Sandwich is named after Lord Sandwich who passed away in 1792, before he got the chance to try his sandwich with Mær Mediterranean. The good news is that you are alive, and can honor him by adding Mær to your sub.

  • Popcorn

    Popcorn is the number one snack at the movies. We know this already. But by adding Mær Salt to your popcorn, it could possible become the number one snack at the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia as well.

  • Egg

    No matter how you prefer your eggs, it will taste better with Mær Salt. With it’s natural salty taste, seaweed works perfectly in any dish that requires salt, and will give you the rich umami flavor.

  • Honeymelon

    «Honeymelon, I’m home» will be the next thing you shout out while you sprinkle this delicious fruit with Mær Salt. Combine this with serrano ham and serve it to the people you like the most.

Facts and Benefits

Seaweed has been a key part of the human diet for thousands of years and is possibly the most nutritious food in the world. At least we believe so.

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